Working with Petal

When you decide to work with Petal we like to include the following steps in our build schedule with you. Every project is different, and we are more than happy to adapt and change for all of our clients

We listen.

We have curiosity, and a great passion to please. We believe to make great products we must truly listen to what our clients want. Only be really understanding our client’s needs will we be able to provide what they truly want.


We believe in transparency and will provide you with an itemised quote, showing every aspect of the build of your website, where you can pick and choose the which features you would like included with your new site, and maybe suggest some new ones.

We'll provide an itemised breakdown.


We design your site.

We’ll provide you with a number of graphical mockups of each area of the website, which can then be iterated over through conversation and consideration until we have the best possible new design for your new website.


Once you’ve decided on your perfect design, we’ll then provide interactive mockups which show your design come-to-life and as it would be used and interacted with in real-life. You’ll be able to view animations, click through to all your pages, and interact with your site as if it was almost real.

Play with our interactive mockups.


We build your site.

When you’re happy with with your interactive mockups, we then begin the all-important crafting of your website, using the best possible technologies for the requirements at hand, ensuring you have a new website which will be your pride and joy.


There’s no real substitute for getting the feel for how your website looks and feels in real-life. While we know you'll love your new site, there's no substitute for user-testing in the wild and we'll make and necessary changes based on user-feedback.

Launch time.

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